Asir on iSH/iOS

This is a binary of Risa/Asir (version 20200210) for iOS.
This binary was checked on iSH(build 68)/iOS13.5(iPad mini4).

  1. Install TestFlight to your iPhone or iPad through AppStore.
  2. Open this URL by Safari on your iOS device.
  3. Click Join the TestFlight beta!
  4. Open iSH
  5. Execute the following on iSH:
    # wget
    # tar xf asir_ios2.tar.gz
    # cp OpenXM/rc/feprc .feprc
    # cp /etc/profile .profile
    # echo "source ./OpenXM/rc/bashrc" >> .profile
    # apk add ncurses-dev
    # exit
  6. Reboot iSH
  7. Execute the following on iSH:
    # fep asir

Last updated on June 1st, 2020
Copyright(c) 2020, Mitsushi Fujimoto. All Rights Reserved.