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Cultivating education and academic specialities

General Information
Outline of Land Area and Buildings

Outline of Land Area and Buildings



Our primary aim is to teach and research in specialty areas in the field of liberal arts; to widely develop knowledge and ability in these areas; to expose students to a rich cultural environment; to train future teachers solidy; and to contribute to the beneficial progress of culture.

Faculty of Education

  • Training Program for Elementary School Teachers
  • Training Program for Secondary School Teachers
  • Program of Special Education
  • Program of Coexistence Education
  • Program of Environment Education
  • Program of Arts

Graduate School/Research Divisions of Education (Masters' Programs)

Division of Academic Research in Education

  • Pedagogical Sciences of Educational Production Course
  • School Psychology Course
  • Clinical Psychology Course
  • Special Education Course
  • Japanese Language Education Course
  • Social Studies Education Course
  • Mathematics Education Course
  • Science Education Course
  • Music Education Course
  • Fine Arts Education Course
  • Health and Physical Education Course
  • Technology Education Course
  • Home Economics Education Course
  • English Language Education Course

Division of Professional Practice in Education

  • Professional Course in Educational Practice
  • Professional Course in School Counseling
  • Professional Course in School Administration
Number of students
Undergraduate students 2,871
Graduate students 211
Faculty and staff
Members of the Board 6
University teachers 194
Attached school teachers 122
Administrative staff 110
Number of library books
Japanese books 416,435
Foreign books 113,558
Land area and buildings
Land area 575,094m2
Building area 108,441m2


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