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Cultivating education and academic specialities

Graduate School Research Divisions of Education
Division of Professional Practice in Education
Division of Professional Practice in Education

Division of Professional Practice in Education

Educational Fundamentals of the Division of Professional Practice in Education (Graduate School of Education)- a fusion of theory and practice

Specialty is composed of basic areas and applied or clinical areas, and Division of Professional Practice in Education takes on the responsibility of developing teachers’ abilities in the latter areas. Three courses have been set up in the division based on the students’ teaching experiences and specialty. Each course offers a curriculum (contents and teaching methods) and a guidance system to achieve its goal. The curriculum puts emphasis on not only theories but also practice, aiming a fusion of both theory and practice. The program in this division has three parts: Lectures and practical exercises, internships in the school and educational institutions, and seminars to pursue and inquire into each student’s own theme. Unique experiences in studying is available in this profession degree course.

Professional Graduate School of Education Courses

Professional Course in Education Practice
This course is for new graduates who have a teaching license and people currently employed in other fields. It aims to develop innovative teachers equipped with practical leadership skills which will allow them to deal competently with issues that arise in educational environments.

Professional Course in School Counseling
This course is for in-service teachers who have approximately 10 years and more of experience in teaching. It aims to develop leaders with advanced practical skills in student guidance and education consultation. Graduates will be able to provide leadership in organizational development within schools and the building of networks within schools and between schools and other relevant bodies.

Professional Course in School Administration
This course is for teachers with approximately 10 years and more of teaching experience. It aims to produce professional educators who will objectively review their experience in education and leadership, provide leadership for young teachers and colleagues, and serve as leaders in the educational and research activities in schools and the community.

Features of the Professional Graduate School of Education - Development of professional Abilities in Education

Working in connection with real educational situations, the Professional Graduate School of Education develop young hopes and leaders in the school.

  1. Emphasis on learning from practice
    Through active collaboration with attached schools, the program allows students to encounter model classes, teaching practice and to learn teaching methods.
  2. Scientific investigation of actual encounters and experience
    Provides a meeting place for“ practice” and enables practice to be scientifically analyzed and investigated. New 'knowledge' and ‘skills’ for practice are introduced in lectures and seminars. The ability to be innovative in practice is developed through advanced theoretical and academic investigation.
  3. Incorporates all the University's teaching staff resources
    When necessary the Professional Graduate School of Education incorporates all of the academic staff of the graduate school and attached schools, and encourages interaction between students of all of the three courses, with the aim of developing professional teachers with a sophisticated mind-frame towards education.
  4. Provides opportunity for the meeting of diverse educational resouces - people, thing, ideas
    Through the “meeting” of various educational resources such as educational bodies that support local schools and child education, the course aims to develop broad-mindedness in relation to building networks, and flexibility.
  5. Final presentation instead of an MA thesis
    Students are not required to write an MA thesis. Instead they are expected to make a presentation to present the results of their two years of learning.
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