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Technology Education

Technology Education

We can create you a professional who can master the true nature of technology! We can meet your needs with excellent faculty members, various refined curricula which will result in your becoming employed as school teachers!

Goals and Features of the Course

The Technology Education course of study aims to educate students to become teachers who have keen research abilities enabling the development of learning systems in technology education, technology science and industrial education; and having a high-level of professional ability to improving the education standard of secondary education. In this course, there are eight full-time professors in all eight fields related to technology education (wood working, metal working, machinery, electricity, agriculture, information engineering, vocational guidance and teaching methods of technology).

This course has ample teaching staff so that students can receive the proper guidance in their selected study fields. Moreover, students can increase their studies and research by themselves through individual study guidance, various optional subjects covering all fields and giving presentations on their research results at academic conference. Furthermore, this major positively accepts students from all walks of life (especially present school teachers) and supports their studies and research by providing classes both in the daytime and evening hours.

More than 90% of students who have graduated from this course have become school teachers (including part-time school teachers). Students in this course of study can obtain two special teacher's certificates in technology for junior high schools and in industry for technical high schools, if they already possess a first-class teacher's certificate.

Main Course Subjects

  • Technology Education Special Theory I
  • Special Theory of Teaching Materials for Technology Education
  • Mechanical Engineering Special Theory
  • Electric/ Electronic Special Theory
  • Wood Working Special Theory
  • Metal Working Special Theory
  • Seminor on Crop Production Technology
  • Advanced Information Technology
  • Software Technology Special Theory

Major Career Paths

Junior high school teachers, technical high school teachers, regional civil servants

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Shuji ENDO
Electricity/Electronics (Studies on the information processing in the nervous system, and making the model for teaching materials.)
Kazuyuki NAGATA
Vocational Guidance and Technology Education (ME innovation and function of technical, vocational education)
Metal Working (microstructures and mechanical properties of metallic materials)
Information Engineering (Natural language processing and information retrieval)
Associate Professor
Technology Education (Psychological research on learning technical skills and technological concepts)
Associate Professor
Agronomy (Crop Science and Biotechnology)
Takeshi OHUCHI
Associate Professor
Wood Working (Wood Processing, wood-based material, and wood engineering)
Takatoshi UMENO
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering (Research and Development of Rehabilitation for Lower Leg Injury)
Information Education (Software Technology)
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