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Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

The age of “Sporting Nation” has come.

Goals and Features of the Course

In modern society, the acceleration and mechanization of the information revolution has caused people's physical exercise in everyday life to decrease. In process, many people are likely to impair their physical, mental, and social health, namely wellness. These circumstances necessitate the need for capable and talented people to have the ability to understand the relationship between physical exercise and wellness correctly, and ultimately to lead the public in combining these relationships to in prove the overall health of society.
This course is comprised of four professional fields in the areas of Pedagogy for Health and Physical Education, Physical Education, Kinesiology, and Health Education. Accordingly, these fields aim to strengthen the theoretical and practical sides of the sport behavior in the field of school education and social education, and in the experimental study of school physical education and wellness. This course of study intends to cultivate the educator and researcher who can create an affluent sport life in society as a lifelong sport, through such research activities.

Main Course Subjects

Pedagogy for Health and Physical Education
Lecture on Health and Physical Education, Practicum in Health and Physical Education I / II, Lecture on Classes for Physical Education, Lecture on Classes for Health Education, Field Study on Health and Physical Education

Physical Education
Practicum in Sports and Society, Lecture on Sports History, Practicum in Sports History, Lecture on Management Science of Physical Education and Sport, Practicum in Science of Sport Marketing, Lecture on Management and Organization for Elementary School Physical Education

Lecture on Methodology of Physical Exercise, Lecture on Kendo, Practicum in Kendo, Lecture on Gymnastics Equipment, Practicum in Gymnastics Equipment, Lecture on Dance, Practicum in Dance, Lecture on Basketball, Practicum in Basketball

Health Education
Lecture on Physical and Mental Development, Practicum in Physical and Mental Development, Lecture on Physical Exercise and Nutrition, Practicum in Physical Exercise and Nutrition, Lecture on Sport Conditioning, Practicum in Sport Conditioning

Major Career Paths

Elementary School teachers, junior high school teachers, senior high school teachers, university teachers (and teachers in other schools), staff for sports related facilities, staff for health and sports industries, staff for health and sports related facilities or organizations, staff for research facilities related to health and sports, doctoral students at other universities

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Yasumi AIBE
Teaching Methodology of Physical Education
Akira ANII
Teaching Methodology of Physical Education and Sport Psychology
Teaching Methodology of Ballgames
British sports History and the History of Physical Education
Tetsushi HIRATA
Teaching Methodology of Gymnastics Equipment
Quality for Movement of Dance
Associate Professor
Teaching Methodology of Basketball
Sotaro HONDA
Associate Professor
Teaching Methodology of Kendo
Sport Physiology and Biomechanics
Associate Professor
Sport Medicine and Sport Conditionig
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