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Japanese Calligraphy Course

Japanese Calligraphy Course

Goals and Features of the Course

Key issues in this course of study are learning how to express traditional Japanese calligraphy art; training one's imagination in expressing Japanese calligraphy art; cultivating ways to show one's characteristic creativeness; and training one's skills in planning for events.
The course is well prepared in order to build up students' skills in communication which are necessary for promoting lifelong education through the creation of Sho (Japanese calligraphy). Practicing Sho enriches and advances one's sensibility and flexibility. A number of classes are small which offer opportunities to be original based the student's individual taste.
We welcome people who want to pursue the greatness of Sho calligraphy art. We are also looking forward to meeting people who have a strong desire to contribute toward cultural development and promotion in local societies, or to participate in international exchange activities through Japanese calligraphy.

Main Course Subjects

Writing Kana Calligraphy
History of Sho Calligraphy
Study of Tensho (characters used on seals and Reisho, clerical scripts)
Study of Sho Creations
Study of Seal Engraving
Practical Sho Writing
Appreciation of Old Graphology
Study of the relationship between lifetime study and Sho calligraphy
Study of modern and contemporary Sho calligraphy
Study of Kanji (Chinese characters)

Major Career Paths

Teaching Staff and Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Keiso WADA
Teaching methods of SHOSHA-calligraphy/ SHO-calligraphy
Kazutaka HATTORI
Associate Professor
Theory and practice of SHO-calligraphy education (containing SHOSHA-calligraphy)
Toshiki OHARA
Associate Professor
History of calligraphy, Japanese calligraphy, style of "Kana"
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