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Faculty of Education
Training Program for Secondary School Teachers
Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy

Aiming to become a calligraphy teacher with a practical understanding of school education.

Goals and Features of the Course

The primary purpose of this course of study is to prepare teachers to teach Japanese calligraphy at the senior high school level. A teacher's certificate in Japanese at the junior high school level can also be obtained, to meet with the expected increase of 6-year secondary schools.

The program does not only give students a chance to gain the technical skills necessary for teaching Japanese calligraphy, but also to improve the essential quality of the classroom as a teacher by learning general teaching methods for school education. Especially, this course has increased the credits given for practice teaching. Firstly, students take experiential practice (elective) during their first year and basic practice (compulsory) during their second year. In the third year, students do practice teaching for three weeks at a junior high school administrated by the university; and for two weeks at a high school (compulsory). In the fourth year, students do study practice (elective).

Main Course Subjects

  • Study of Japanese calligraphy educationA・B
  • Study of SHOSHA calligraphy education at the junior high school levelA・B
  • Writing in KAISHO style (square script)
  • Writing in GHOSHO and SOSHO styles (semicursive and cursive scripts)
  • Writing in TENSHO and REISHO styles (seal and clerical scripts)
  • Writing of KANA (Japanese phonetic characters)
  • Study of creative writing
  • Writing of mixture of KANJI (Chinese characters) and KANA (Japanese phonetic characters)
  • History of Japanese calligraphyⅠ・Ⅱ
  • Appreciation of Japanese calligraphy

Major Career Paths

Senior high school teachers, Junior high school teachers, Elementary School teachers, Senior high school teachers, Government employee, Company employee

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Keiso WADA
Teaching methods of Japanese Calligraphy (SHOSHA and SHO)
Kazutaka HATTORI
Associate Professor
Theory and Practice of Japanese Calligraphy Education (containing SHOSHA-calligraphy)
Toshiki OHARA
Japanese Calligraphy
Associate Professor
History of Calligraphy, Japanese Calligraphy, (style of "Kana")
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