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Cultivating education and academic specialities

Faculty of Education
Training Program for Secondary School Teachers


A variety of subjects taught by dedicated faculty members.
A socializing-based curriculum where more than 90% of students who choose to be teachers do become teachers.

Goals and Features of the Course

The course of study in technology is designed to enable students to obtain the first grade teaching certificate for secondary teachers (in Technology) and the first grade teaching certificate for high school teachers (in Industry). This course of study is arranged so fully that there is no other similar course of study among the departments of education in the Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu areas. This is because the program contains seven technical fields and each field has a full time professor. Therefore, sometimes more than half of the students who take the entrance examination for this department are from outside the prefecture. This course attempts to improve the ability of students to become teachers. Given the curriculum, they learn methods of discovering the universal truth, the rules, the knowledge, the principles and the skills of technology through systematic lectures, experiments, practicums and ultimately in graduation thesis. Students are encouraged to develop their specialties more deeplythrough out their four years of study.

Although it is increasingly more difficult to pass the examination to become a teacher in recent years, around 90% (or more) of graduates of this course who choose to become teachers are employed as full-time or part-time teachers.

Main Course Subjects

Woodworking, Metallic Materials, Thermo-Engineering, Electronics, Information Engineering, Bio-Production Science, Technological Education Methods, Industrial Education Methods, Vocational Guidance, Living and Electricity, Interest and Education.

Major Career Paths

Junior high school teachers, senior high school teachers

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Kazuyuki NAGATA
(Vocational Guidance/ Teaching Method of Technology) ME Innovation and Function of Technology, Vocational Education
(Metal Working)Development of metallic materials
(Information) Studies on natural language processing and information retrieval
(Teaching Method of Technology) Psychological research on learning technical skills and technological concepts
(Agronomy) Crop science and biotechnology
Takeshi OHUCHI
Associate Professor
(Woodworking) Wood machining technology and manufacturing of wood-based materials
Takatoshi UMENO
Associate Professor
(Mechanical Engineering) Research and technological development of legjoint rehabilitation device
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