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Faculty of Education
Training Program for Secondary School Teachers
Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

Goals and Features of the Course

In order to produce Health and Physical Education teachers with sufficient practical ability at junior high school and high school the programme will cover technical subjects such as Theory of Sports/Theory of Health/Practical Skills of Sports. There will be an academic progression over the four years.

Students will also study each year practical skills in subjects related to teaching.

The curriculum of the course is designed so that students can learn gradually in order the Theory of Sports, Theory of Health and practical skills of sports. The curriculum of this course aims to equip Health and Physical Education teachers for junior high school and senior high school with a high level of practical teaching skills. Students will study a General Introduction to Physical education and to Health education. This will be followed lectures providing a more in-depth study of the subjects. Students can choose to study more intensively one field from Physical Education Studies, Movement Theory Studies and Studies of Health Education studies juniors in both their and senior years.

The practical course offers fifteen topics including individual events, ball games and martial arts (budo). In ten the fifteen topics, Track and Field, Gymnastics with Apparatus, Dance, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Soccer, Football, Judo and Kendo, students whose level are above intermediate can study the Practical Training of Movement Theory.

Main Course Subjects

Theory of Physical Education
General Introduction of Physical Education, Philosophy of Sports, Movement Theory on sports, Sports Sociology, Lecture of Movement Theory, Sports History, Sports Psychology, Sports Management, Seminar for Physical Education Studies, Seminar for Movement Theory

Theory of Health Education
General Introduction of Health Education, Physiology, School Health, Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Public Health, Health Education, Anatomy, Administration of School Health, Studies of Health Education

Practical Skills
Swimming, Gymnastics, Gymnastics with Apparatus, Track and Field, Dance, Open-air Activity, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Soccer, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Judo, Kendo. Movement theory will be applied to every activity.

Teaching Training
General Introduction on Teaching Method in Health and Physical Education, Teaching Method in Health and Physical Education, Studies on Sports Pedagogy, Teacher Training(Experimental Training, Observational Training, Basic Training )

Major Career Paths

Junior high school teachers, senior high school teachers

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Tetsushi HIRATA
Establishing teaching theory of Gymnastics and Gymnastics with Apparatus and Studies of methodology for practical guidance
Teaching Methodology of Ballgames
Yasumi AIBE
Studies on Physical Education
Historical studies on British sports and Physical Education
Sport Physiology and Biomechanics
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