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Cultivating education and academic specialities

Faculty of Education
Training Program for Secondary School Teachers


To produce leaders who possess special techniques and a broad knowledge of music, who can cultivate the talents of young people in musical culture for the next generation!

Goals and Features of the Course

World musical culture is flourishing in various sectors of contemporary society of these days. This course of study encourages students to acquire more specialized expressive techniques and a wider theoretical knowledge of music of the present day. In addition, we aim to develop these talented students to cultivate the musical culture of the next generation through music education in junior and senior high schools.

This course provides a curriculum enabling students to study a variety of courses in subjects such as performance of vocal music, instrumental music, traditional Japanese music, techniques for composition and arrangement, theoretical research and analysis of musical culture both in Occidental and Oriental music at schools from their first year. Students will also be introduces to subjects such as musical pedagogy and how to put into practice these music-related subjects in their future schools.

Main Course Subjects

Vocal, Piano, Orchestral Instruments, Japanese Traditional Instruments, Choir, Orchestra, How to conduct, Multi-Media, Music Theory, History of Western Music, History of Japanese Music, Ethno-musicology, Theory of Harmony, Music Composition, Research in Music Education, Seminar (Performance, Musicology, Music Education)

Major Career Paths

Junior high school teachers, senior high school teachers

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Tsugihiro KIMURA
Music Education
Toshiki NAGANO
Musicology/History of Western Music
Takashi HARA
Associate Professor
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