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Training Program for Secondary School Teachers


Creating the Future Leaders in English Education!

Goals and Features of the Course

Educational Goals: The main goal of the English Education Course at Fukuoka University of Education is to prepare strong and capable English teachers for service in junior and senior high schools, framed within the larger goal of helping to raise capable and talented English speakers. Students learn a balance of the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, all the while working to gain a deep understanding of English education, literature, linguistics, culture, and communication. Our students also study English education hands-on, doing focused teaching fieldwork at the attached junior high schools and local high schools. For students who wish to deepen their studies in a given field we offer the chance to move on to graduate school.

English Major Key Points: We accept a limited number of students in order to have more personalized classes, as well as to build a strong school community. The majority of classes for English majors are taught by our full time faculty, including a number of English native speakers. Our students build strong relationships with the university faculty while gaining deep understanding of their general and pedagogical courses. It is this understanding that allows students to work with faculty on researching and learning a variety of specialized knowledge about English. This one-on-one interaction between teachers and students culminates in fourth year, where students have the chance to write a graduation thesis in English on a topic of their choosing. Students also have the opportunity for both short and long term studies abroad. Students going on long term stays may attend one of our sister schools: Northern Arizona University (USA),The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse(USA),Canberra University (Australia) or Linnaeus University (Sweden).

Curricular Key Points: Graduating seniors spend roughly half of their time in English classes. Starting in first year, students take a number of required general English courses, continuing on to classes in English conversation, composition, education, phonology, literature, culture and communication during the next four years. Students spend three weeks during their third year at one of the attached junior high schools, as well as two weeks at a local senior high school. At the end of their third year, students choose their graduation research topic and thesis advisor.

Main Course Subjects

Introduction to English Linguistics, Introduction to English and American Literature, English Conversation I, English Composition I, Lecture on English Culture

Major Career Paths

Secondary English Teachers

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Chizuru MORI
English Language Education and Second Language Acquisition
Motoaki KOGA
English Poems in the 20th century
British Romanticism
Associate Professor
Linguistics(English Phonetics and Phonology)
Nobuyoshi MIYASAKO
Associate Professor
English Language Teaching
Associate Professor
Elementary English Education
Associate Professor
British Culture in the 19th Century
Associate Professor
Communication Theory and Education
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