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Faculty of Education
Training Program for Elementary School Teachers
Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

To train students to be teachers who assist in the development of children and who encourage the formation of humanness in pre-school children.

Goals and Features of the Course

This course of study attempts to develop various knowledge and expertise related to Early Childhood Education.
This course aims to develop teachers who can support pre-school children's rich and creative abilities, and to assist children in forming flexible and adaptable characters.
This course also trains students to be teachers who can interact with children warmly, who can respond to children's feelings and needs, and who can give effective hands-on support to children.

Main Course Subjects

Basic Theory of Early Childhood Education, History of Early Childhood Education, Integrated Theory of Early Childhood Education Curriculum, Development of Pre-school Children, Methods of Direction for Pre-school Children, Methods of Direction of Physical Health, Human Relationship, Cognition, Language, Art, Handicapped Children's Education, Practical Training in Kindergartens.

Major Career Paths

Pre-school teachers, Elementary School teachers

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Toshiaki TANAKA
Infant Development and Comparative Study of International Early Childhood Education
Studies on History,Method, Contents of Pre-school Education
Zentaro UEMURA
Associate Professor
Educational Psychology
Art of Early Childhood Education
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