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Cultivating education and academic specialities

Faculty of Education
Training Program for Elementary School Teachers
Home Economics

Home Economics

To promote the well-being of people

Goals and Features of the Course

Home Economics Class

Home Economics is a subject which focuses on improving the quality of life of individual and families within their environments, and promoting a higher quality of life within the environment.
This comprehensive program provides training for professionals in Home Economics Education at the elementary school level. This program prepares students to have the necessary skills for sound decision making in their own lives and to become leaders in the field of Home Economics Education.

Main Course Subjects

Handwork and Creation in Life, Practical Study on Eating Habits, Textiles and Clothing, Housing and Living Design, Home Management, Family Relations, Early Childhood Development, Care and Education, Home Economics Education

Major Career Paths

Elementary School teachers

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Masako HORI
Textiles and Clothing Science
Family and Consumer Resaurce Management
Noriko KISHI
Associate Professor
Home Economics Education
Seiichi TOYOTA
Associate Professor
Mathematical Sciences
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