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Cultivating education and academic specialities

Faculty of Education
Training Program for Elementary School Teachers
Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

To produce "Health and Physical Education" teachers with more practical abilities

Goals and Features of the Course

This course of study aims to develop students' understanding of teaching methods and practical abilities in all subjects, especially in health and physical education in elementary schools.

In this course, students are encouraged to become teachers who are able to voluntarily engage themselves in further research about planning and teaching lessons. This four-year course also aims to enable students to cultivate sound and strong minds and bodies, develop practical skills, acquire professional knowledge, and an inquisitive and sensitive attitude to support their teaching abilities.
Students are encouraged to study children's mental and physical development, which will lead them to pursue human education as a whole, thus going beyond specific subjects (especially within the framework of elementary school education).
Moreover, each year students will cultivate more practical skills through subjects related to practical teaching.
The curriculum of this course is designed so that students will learn , in a gradual progression, theory of sports, theory of health and practical skills of sports, in that order. The curriculum of this course aims to equip Health and Physical Education teachers for elementary schools with a high-level of practical teaching skills . Students will study a General Introduction to Physical Education and Health education. This will be followed lectures providing a more in-depth study of each subject area. Students can choose to study more intensively in one field from Physical Education Studies, Movement Theory Studies or Health Education Studies in both their junior and senior years.
The Practical Skills of Sports course offers a variety of tournament including individual events and ballgames. In some areas such as Track and Field, Gymnastics with Equipment, Dance, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Soccer, Football, students who perform above the intermediate level can study Practical Training of Movement Theory.

Main Course Subjects

Theory of Physical Education
Principles of Physical Education, Psychology of Physical Education, General Studies of Physical Education, Movement Studies, Sociology of Physical Education, Lecture of Movement Theory, History of Physical Education, Management for Physical Education, Seminar for Physical Education Studies, Seminar for Movement Theory

Theory of Health Education
Hygiene, Health and Safety Education, General Studies of Health Education, Physiology, School Health, Anatomy, Administration of School Health, Studies of Health Education

Practical Skills
Swimming, Gymnastics, Gymnastics with Equipment, Track and Field, Dance, Open-air Activity, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Soccer (Movement Theory will be applied to every activity)

Teacher Training
General Studies of Health and Physical Education, Teacher Training (Experimental Training, Observational Training, Basic Training).

Major Career Paths

Elementary School teachers

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Akira ANII
Pedagogy of Physical Education
Dance (Contemporary Dance), Movement Studies (Dance)
Sotaro HONDA
Associate Professor
Kendo (Japanese Martial Arts), Movement Studies(Budo)
Associate Professor
Track and Field, Sports Medicine 
Associate Professor
Teaching Methodology of Basketball
Associate Professor
Teaching Methodology of Judo
Yoshiyuki HIGUCHI
Associate Professor
School Health, Hygiene(Community Hygiene)
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