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Cultivating education and academic specialities

Faculty of Education
Training Program for Elementary School Teachers
Fine Arts

Fine Arts

To become an ideal teacher who feels happiness from the heart through art-related activities.

Goals and Features of the Course

The features and purposes of art education

This course helps students to cultivate their creativity and rich sensibility in art based on an innate desire to express themselves artistically in order to develop the fortitude to thrive. This course of study aims to train excellent teachers who can put their creativity and artistic sensibilities into practice through educational activities in elementary schools.

We provide students with a curriculum in which they may realize the importance of discovering for  themselves the various aspects of fine arts which make up art education, while trying to understand others through mutual dialogue. Moreover, they will learn kindness and strength in order to establish a peaceful society while spending time with children who are rich in creativily and who have vibrant  imaginations.

The useful knowledge and experience given to students through the Fine Arts program enable students to overcome problems not only in the teaching profession but also in an ever changing and complicated society. The process of studying to setter allows students to experience  joy and sadness, happiness and sorrow deeply through a broad relationship with teachers and classmates who have various personalities, as well as the senior teachers and children in the schools where they will perform their teaching practice.

Outline of the program

During the first and second years, students mainly acquire strong foundation of knowledge throgh the teaching courses. Students obtain a wide range of knowledge and ability to think flexibly (through practical experiences with children and observation of them in schools). By learning the basic subjects in Fine Arts, they also explore the field in which they wish to concentrate their interests further.

During the third and fourth years, students mainly work on their elective specialties and Fine Arts teaching skills and work on their own projects. Finally, they concentration their graduation studies and projects under the direction of their professor advisors. Students improve their practical art skills through student teaching and they also learn about the attitude and the awareness of being a teacher through this experience.

Main Course Subjects

Basic Painting A (drawing), Basic Painting B (watercolor), Painting in watercolors, Engraving B, Basic Sculpture A (drawing), Basic Sculpture B (modeling), Theory of Design, Basic Design A (two dimensions), Basic Design B (three dimensions), Color Practice, Basic Crafts A (ceramics), Basic Crafts B (metalwork), Craft Theory, Art Theory, Japanese Art History, Western Art History, Drawing and Manual Arts (specializing in elementary schools), Department of Life (specializing in elementary schools), Experiential Practice, Basic Practice, Course Material Practical Study I, II, Art Educational Study I, II, III, IV, Drawing and Manual Arts Educational Study, and Arts for Children

Major Career Paths

Elementary School teachers

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Mamoru ABE
3D, Environmental Art
Kanjirou SATO
Art Education
Visual Design
Kazuyuki KUSAO
Associate Professor
Art Education
Associate Professor
Wooden Sculpture
Koji Matsuhisa
Associate Professor
Japanese Painting
Takayuki KATO
Oil Painting
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