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Cultivating education and academic specialities

Faculty of Education
Training Program for Elementary School Teachers
Social Studies

Social Studies

I looked! I heard it! I touched it!
Elucidating culture and society for history, space, and synthesis.

Goals and Features of the Course

Social Studies Class

We encourage students to be leaders in education through "social studies". Students develop their skills not only to be elementary school teachers but also to be junior high school / senior high school teachers. Therefore, our curriculum is designed so that students can develop their abilities step by step by building upon their four years of study. In addition, students are encouraged to acquire teacher licenses for a junior and senior high school.

Annually, 1st and 2nd year students develop their ability by participating in a flexible program that expands their culture and intellectual power by having direct contact with children through Taiken-Jisshu (experience learning) and Kansatsu-Sanka (observation participation), and by enrolling in fundamental subjects and general studies subjects.

By their 3rd year, students cultivate teaching practice experience through Kyoiku-Jisshu (student teaching) for four weeks which is combined with learning through conventional lectures. Students learn a study methods of practice in specially designed Kenkyu-Jisshu (study training) in their 4th year of study.

Also, doing their 3rd year of studies our students progress to "advanced learning" focusing on their own particular research interest. They develop a specialty area in social studies or social studies teaching. A student chooses an adviser and begins the process to research a thesis to graduate.

To these ends, our goal is to deepen students' knowledge and abilities in the following areas: lecture / practice of subject on social studies or social studies teaching: Social studies teaching (purpose / contents / class methods of social studies), History (Japanese history / Eastern History / Western History / Archeology), Geography (Physical Geography / Human Geography / Topography), Social Science (Economics / Politics / Law / Sociology); and studies such as Philosophy / Ethics. Our students learn about these areas, while approaching many current problems of culture and society through researching about them. Students are trained to be teachers who bring up children who are going to make culture and society better in the future.

Main Course Subjects

Lecture / Practice of Subject on Social Studies or Social Studies Teaching are Opened : Social Studies Teaching (a purpose / contents / a class method of social studies), History (Japanese History / Eastan History / Western History / Archeology), Geography (Physical Geography / Human Geography / Topography), Social Science (Economics / Politics / Law / Sociology) and Studies such as Philosophy / Ethics in our course. Our students learn these, approach many problems of current culture / society through studying them and train as to be a teacher bringing up the children who are going to make better culture and society.

Major Career Paths

Elementary School teachers, junior high school teachers, senior high school teachers, national (local) government employee, business firms related to education, blue juvenile officer, graduated student

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields

Teaching Faculty / Research Fields
Research Fields
Theory of Social studies Education
Yasuji ODA
The Education of Social Studies
Human Geography
Takahito KUROKI
Physical Geography
Japanese History
Associate Professor
Chinese History
European History
Kamiyo KITA
Yutaka HORI
Associate Professor
Chinese Phylosophy
Associate Professor
Legal Studie
Project Lecturer
Political Science
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