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Attached Research Institute
Information Processing Center

Information Processing Center

1. Roles and Functions of the Center

Information Processing Center

This center was originally established on campus as a calculation room for research and education in 1970. It moved to an independent building as an information processing center in 1984. In the early stages, the center was used for all sorts of numerical calculation services and library business, but nowadays the role and function of the center has changed because of the rapid spread of computers.
In addition, the widespread network on and off campus (LAN, WAN, Connection with Scientific Information Network, Connection with the attached schools, etc.), the use of Applications such as E-mail and WWW, and the use of the Multimedia Data Processing such as database, text, sound, movie and pictures has increased in recent years. The support role of the center has been getting more important for Information Processing Education and Local Information Promotion, as central facility to exchange information among the seven attached schools. 


2. Center Facilities


Computer System for University Education and Research.
Giga Bit Network System

  1. /Computer Room (6), Multipurpose CALL Room (1), Information Display (8)
  2. /Mainstay Server; PRIMERGY RX300, NR1000 F3140, Proxy Server (2), Windows Server (7), Windows Client PC (262), Notebook PC (12)
  3. /Large Size Color Printer (2), Color Laser Printer (2), Monochrome Laser Printer (12)
  4. /Giga Bit Network; Summit ×650, Summit ×450, Summit ×350
  5. /High-Definition Remote class system (10 places), IP Video phone (20 places), Streaming server (QTS, Mpeg4)
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