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Message from the President

Message from the President

President Shinichi Terao

Welcome to the homepage of Fukuoka University of Education!

Fukuoka University of Education is the only university of education in the Kyushu area. Throughout its 130-year history, the main mission of our university has been to train educators. We are very proud that we have graduated many wonderful educators, contributing to the progress of the educational world. We are also determined to evolve our history into a tradition that continues to advance the frontiers of education, and to seek out the best future teachers while continuing to cooperate actively with schools and educational boards in the region and in Japan.

Japanese society in the 21st century is facing challenges in steering its course on the strong tides of the times, faced with a falling birthrate and an aging population, computerization, and globalization. Under these circumstances, modern problems concerning children, schools and education are getting more and more diversified and complicated. Squarely confronting these difficult problems, Fukuoka University of Education aims to foster learned and cultured educators with much practical knowledge and skills. For this purpose, our university has established (at the undergraduate level) three School Education courses -- Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Special Education -- to develop school teachers, and three Lifelong Education courses -- Coexistence Education, Environment and Information Education, and Lifelong Sports and Arts -- to cultivate educational leaders in an evolving lifelong learning based society. At the graduate level, our aim is to develop people with the competence to conduct creative research in the field of education as well as endowing them with a level of substantial specialist capability to work toward a higher level of educational practice. With these educational systems, Fukuoka University of Education is taking pride and responsibility in having "education" in its name, making every effort to produce educators that contribute positively to our modern society.

Currently, in an era where various modern problems concerning education are being amplified through rapid globalization, it is becoming more and more important for our university to promote international exchange, reinforcing a genuine commitment to the international community. At present we not only send our students to overseas partner universities, we also accept around 90 international students every year. We consider it one of our top priorities to advance our international exchange Programs, while making the most of the geographical characteristics representative of Fukuoka a place known as the "entrance to the Asia Pacific region".

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